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After their impressive Joy-Con alternatives, the Joypad Controller, Binbok has been one of my companies to watch. When I saw their announcement of the Multi-Platform Game Controller, I knew that I had to see it for myself. Offering a “Pro Controller” type of experience at a fraction of the cost, this budget controller manages to pack in a lot of cool features. Though I wouldn’t go throwing out your premium alternative if you already own one.

Binbok is a company that offers a pretty basic unboxing experience in their products though it’s to be expected as they aren’t some mega-corporation after all. Upon unboxing the controller, you get the controller itself, a USB Type-C connecting/charging cable, and its extensive user manual.

There are some other cool bits as well though they come connected to the controller right out of the box. You have the adjustable/removable thumbsticks, a removable round D-pad, a USB dongle, and a removable phone holder.

It’s hard to deny that this is a pretty unique controller whether you like it or not. I fall on the side of the fence that really enjoys its unique look as it goes against what a lot of controllers these days look like. While the majority of the controller is a reserved matte-black, the right side of it is a neon party. The right thumbstick has adjustable RGB and its action buttons have a throw-back feel to them with their lighting and even their font.

It’s also worth mentioning that this controller really looks like it took heavy inspiration from both versions of Xbox’s Elite controllers. It has a soft rubberized coating just like one yet doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. Though it definitely is a fingerprint magnet, this controller definitely looks good, especially at its affordable price.

Where the controller can falter a bit is in its build quality. Though it feels extremely sturdy, the buttons themselves feel like they’re underperforming. They can feel ridged, mushy, and even stuck. This is definitely the worst button hardware I’ve seen across one single controller. It’s also a pretty loud controller, oddly enough. The buttons echo like you’re using a mechanical keyboard.

Multi-Platform Controller - Compatible with PC, iPhone, Android, Nintendo Switch, and macOS.

3 Ways To Connect - 2.4GHz, Wireless Bluetooth 4.0, or Wired.

Colorful RGB LED Backlighting - Colorful LED backlight on ABXY buttons and right joystick.

Double Shock & 6-Axis Gyro - 4 levels of adjustable dual vibration motors that provide you with varying levels of vibration ranging from 0%, 25%, 50%, 75%, and 100%. Built-in 6-axis gyro for precise and immersive gameplay.

Unique Design - D-Pad and the height of the joystick can be adjusted. 4 programmable buttons on the back of the controller for quicker response time. The 2.4GHz USB receiver can be tucked away in the back of the controller.

Where the controller earns some strong points is in the very cool features that it offers. I love the fact that while its action buttons are in the standard Xbox format when using it on Switch, it swaps right over to that layout and there’s even a small set of those symbols in the middle area between the Xbox action buttons.

That also leads me to the fact that it’s an extremely universal controller due to the fact that it can connect in so many ways. For some, this could be the only controller you’ll need to own because of the fact that it works on PC, Switch, and phones/tablets.

And of course, the Pro controller elements such as the adjustable thumbsticks, D-pad, and programmable buttons play a big part in the essence of this controller. And for the most part, they really do a decent job of bringing something new to the table for budget gaming.

When it comes to actually taking this thing out for a spin, your mileage may vary. For me, the cheap-feeling buttons, to my surprise, didn’t cause an issue at all when actually playing. The worst offender though was the dead zone of the thumbsticks. I just couldn't ever really stay on target that well.

When it came to comfortability, I really liked this device’s setup. It has a similar shape to an Xbox controller but with some slight differences. The menu buttons are in a V shape and are placed in an easy-to-reach location. I also really liked that the thumbsticks are textured a bit. And while they have their own textured grip, I can confirm that you can actually snap on a pair of Xbox compatible KontrolFreeks too!

The Pro controller features work to a certain degree. I found the adjustable thumbsticks and D-pad to be great inclusions but found the 4 back buttons to be a nightmare to use. They not only work as an extra set of buttons on the back but also a turbo function for assigned buttons.

The problem with that though is the fact that it seems the turbo and regular assigning features overlap and cause the buttons to go haywire. I also had an issue where the assigned button wasn’t reflective in the controller at all and the camera would just veer off into a corner of the screen.

The glaring issues with this controller are its build quality, thumbstick dead zones, and programming features. Hopefully, these are things that Binbok can iron out in the future as they typically update their products as they improve upon them.

While I love the idea of a true budget Pro controller for the everyday gamer, I think that Binbok could have done better in terms of quality control. But while there is some caution to be wary of when purchasing one of these, for the low price of $36.99 you really do get a lot of cool features. It’s actually kind of insane how much you get with this thing. If you’re someone on a tight budget who needs an all-in-one controller and know what you’re getting for the price, then this is for you. It’s definitely an insanely innovative controller and I cannot wait to see what Binbok does next with it.

Binbok Multi-Platform Game Controller Review: A Work In Progress — GameTyrant (2024)
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