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Berns, Stockholm

Berns offers several bars, intimate concerts and nightclubs with DJs and live performances.

Photo credit: Pax Engström/Stureplansgruppen

Stockholm’s nightlife is lively, fun and diverse. You’ll find many of the city’s nightclubs around Stureplan, while the beer bars have the strongest presence in Södermalm. Stockholm is also home to several world-class co*cktail bars, and the vibrant rooftop bars will take your night to a whole new level. Here is our guide to some of the best bars in Stockholm.

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20 October 2023




Freyja Söder, Stockholm

Freyja Söder is a restaurant and a rooftop bar with magnificent views over central Stockholm.

Photo: Emmie Bolmstedt/Visit Sweden



Stockholm Under Stjärnorna, Stockholm

Photo: Hotel at Six

Le Hibou, Stockholm

Photo: Danger Österlin/Stureplansgruppen

Tetto, Stockholm

Photo: Sune Chee/Stureplansgruppen

Rooftop bars

It goes without saying – a city built on 14 islands offers fantastic views. Yet, rooftop bars are a relatively new addition to Stockholm’s nightlife. None of the following rooftop bars existed ten years ago.

  • Freyja Söder is the latest addition to Stockholm’s rooftop scene. While the indoor restaurant breathes Scandinavian elegance, the outdoor bar is an immensely popular mashup of graffiti, grilled sausages, well-made co*cktails and panoramic views.
  • Stockholm Under Stjärnorna, or SUS, is a seasonal rooftop located above Hotel At Six. The huge area includes a cinema screen and DJ both, several bars and a vibrant atmosphere.
  • On the ninth floor of Urban Deli Sveavägen you’ll find Höjden, an indoor bar open year-round, and Takparken, the surrounding roof park. A popular afternoon spot with a relaxed vibe.
  • Le Hibou is another year-round open bar, located on top of the Bank Hotel. The ambitious co*cktail menu includes many non-alcoholic drinks, and the interior is inspired by a Parisian suite, with red roses adorning the terrace.
  • Tetto, the seasonal rooftop at roof restaurant Spesso, is lush and large. A trendy waterhole among locals, and best described as a place where Capri meets New York.

co*cktails at Tjoget, Stockholm

The co*cktail bar at Tjoget offers flavorful drinks inspired by Southern Europe, Northern Africa and the Middle east.

Photo: Tjoget

co*cktail bars

Stockholm’s co*cktail bars are a mix of world-famous places and hidden gems, often with creativity and sustainability as leading stars.

  • Röda Huset: Number 31 on the prestigious list of The World’s 50 Best Bars and run by Hampus Thunholm, two-time winner of Sweden’s Best Bartender. Except for some of the liquor, all ingredients used at Röda Huset are sustainable and Swedish.
  • Lucy’s Flower Shop: Located behind a hidden door inside an abandoned flower shop, Lucy’s is the only speakeasy bar in Stockholm worth mentioning.
  • Tjoget: Tjoget is a bustling combination of a co*cktail bar, wine bodega, beer café and dining room. The co*cktail menu takes inspiration from southern Europe, northern Africa and the Middle East.
  • Pharmarium: A peculiar and elegant co*cktail bar inspired by the first pharmacy in Sweden.
  • 20hundra5: A playful co*cktail bar, complete with board games and graffiti-painted walls.
  • A bar called Gemma: Sleek and stylish award-winning co*cktail bar, yet somewhat of a hidden gem.




Pang Pang Bar, Stockholm

Enjoy craft beers and delicious meals at Pang Pang Bar in Stockholm.

Photo: PangPang Brewery



Pang Pang Bar, Stockholm

Photo: PangPang Brewery

Omaka restaurang and brewery, Stockholm

Photo: Omaka beer

Beer and breweries

While many consider Gothenburg to be Sweden’s craft beer capital, Stockholm has its fair share of notable breweries and beer bars too. Here, you’ll find everything from one of the oldest pubs in the world to an innovative brewery in a church.

  • Omnipollo has no less than three locations in and around Stockholm: Ominpollos Kyrka, their brewery, taproom and restaurant situated in a former church in the suburb of Sundbyberg. Omnipollos Hatt is the often-crowded beer and pizza place in the city centre. And Omnipollos Flora, the open-air biergarten and soft ice-cream café in Humlegården city park, which is open during spring and summer.
  • Omaka is a trendy brewery, bar and restaurant run by Sweden’s youngest brewmaster, Hedda Spendrup. The dishes are made to match the beer brewed in the building.
  • Nya Carnegiebryggeriet is a brewery and gastropub located in an old lightbulb factory in southern Stockholm. Tours and tastings in English are available.
  • For a wide selection of beers in an old-fashioned environment, head to a classic pub, like Zum Franziskaner or Akkurat.
  • If you’re seeking a more neon-filled experience and trendy crowd, try Stigbergets Fot or Pang Pang Bar, both run by breweries. Lådan, an independent brewpub focusing on Swedish beer, is also worth visiting.

Tyge & Sessil, Stockholm

Try different wines from small-scale producers at the wine café Tyge & Sessil in Stockholm.

Photo: Mathias Nordgren/Stureplansgruppen

Wine bars

Natural wines have never been trendier in Stockholm and the city has seen a significant increase in wine bars over the last few years. Here are three natural wine bars where sustainability is just as important as the liquid in the glasses.

  • Tyge & Sessil: Busy wine café that collaborates with small-scale producers from under-represented areas that make wine from grapes you didn’t even know existed.
  • Gemla: Wine bar and furniture studio where sustainability permeates everything from food waste to interior design. The menu consists of craft wines made in harmony with nature.
  • Savant Bar: Natural wines and seasonal vegetarian food are served at Savant Bar. With their zero-waste vision, the porcelain is recycled and the suppliers are carefully selected.

Spy Bar, Stockholm

Spy Bar is one of Stockholm's most well-known nightclubs.

Photo: Fabian-Wester/Stureplansgruppen


Stockholm has a range of clubs with different audiences. Many close at 3 am, but some are open until 5 am. Stureplan has long been the epicentre for Stockholm’s nightlife – but more and more clubs are popping up in ‘Slakthusområdet’ in southern Stockholm.

  • Spy Bar is one of the most well-known nightclubs in Stureplan and never seems to go out of fashion. It’s located in a refurbished apartment.
  • Rose, a stone’s throw further south, is a high-end nightclub with chandeliers and gold-framed mirrors.
  • Berns is a classical entertainment palace, complete with a ballroom. The venue hosts several different clubs, a boutique hotel and a restaurant.
  • Debaser started out as a rock club but now arranges all kinds of theme nights – from afro rave and indie pop to disco and live concerts.
  • Backdoor is Sweden’s largest gay club. The music varies from 90’s pop to techno and the dancefloor is always joyful and decadent.

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